Moon STEAM Pre/Post Test
We want to ask students some questions about Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics.
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I like to read and hear about space. *
No at all
A lot
I know a lot about the Moon. *
Not at all
I know a lot
We should send people back to the Moon. *
No, I don't think so.
Yes, this is awesome.
I like to work as a part of a team. *
No, I prefer to work alone.
Teams make it possible to do things better.
I would like to work on a Moon mission. *
Not interested.
Very interested.
I know the kinds of work done by an engineer. *
No, I don't.
I know a lot.
I know the kinds of work done by a scientist. *
No, I don't.
I know a lot.
I understand how being good at art will be important to going to the Moon. *
No, I don't.
Yes, I understand a lot.
I like math. *
No, I don't.
I like math a lot.
I like to talk to my parents about what I do at school. *
No, I don't.
I tell them a lot about what I do in school.
Going into space is important for us to do. *
No, we should stay on Earth.
Yes, let's go to the Moon and to Mars!
Americans have walked on the Moon. *
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