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Use this form to request that the library purchase a book, movie, or periodical subscription for its collection. To help us find your requested title, please include as much information as you can. All fields are optional, but the more you fill out, the easier it will be for us to find your item!

If you are not requesting a specific title but want books on a particular topic, please use question 4 and describe the types of book you are requesting. For example, you might say "books about raising chickens" or "murder mysteries solved by cats."

We strive to fulfill as many requests as possible; however, we may choose not to fulfill a request for a variety of reasons. Please be advised we will not contact you if your request is denied. If your request is approved, it may take several weeks for your title to be ordered, shipped, and processed. Feel free to email us at, or call us at 918-367-6562 to see if your requested title has been purchased.

Your contact information is optional; however, we cannot reserve your item for you if you choose not to include it.

Thank you for your suggestion and for using the library!

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This form is for requesting items for our physical collection. To request an ebook or downloadable audiobook, please visit the following URL to learn how:
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"Reserve" means we will place your name on the item and notify you when it is ready for you to pick up. We will hold it for you to pick up for one week. It will not be available for others to check out until you read and return it. You must include your name and a valid phone number or email address in order to reserve an item.
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