the Incurable Caravan's Online Car Show
Below is the submission form for the Car Show. If you intend to submit more than one work, please fill out the form again. Forward any questions to
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If you're submitting as a collective, or under a stage name, please provide the name of the person we can contact.
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Describe what you're submitting. If it's visual art, what medium? If it's audio, what style of audio, and what genre (if applicable)? If you're submitting a multimedia project, or if you have a proposal that isn't covered by the categories in "submission types," please describe it here.
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If included in the Car Show, this text would appear alongside your work. If you'd prefer not to have program notes or an artist statement display with your work, say N/A.
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All submissions must be non-expiring links. All Google Drive/Dropbox/Box links should stay up until the end of December to be considered (no WeTransfer). Use services like Imgur, YouTube/Vimeo, Soundcloud, Sketchfab, CodePen/, etc., if necessary. Make sure the links you send are not set to private.
Formatting *
Do you have any requests as far as formatting your work? (See the Formatting section of the call for details.) Not all requests can be adhered to, for feasibilty or hosting restrictions, but will be considered.
Hosting *
The Car Show plans to host most of the non-interactive works (i.e. static visual media, short prose, audio) ourselves, though this depends on filesize constraints. (See the Hosting section of the call for details.) Can/should your work be hosted elsewhere, or do you have some other means of embedding it (i.e., YouTube/Vimeo for film)?
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Any other notes you have about this work that don't fit in the other fields.
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