2019 Genesis to Jesus Registration
> See the schedule below (Sundays from 10:30 AM to Noon)
> Meeting location at St. Mary's will be announced prior to each class.
> You can participate in the study in one of the three ways listed below
> Purchase resources below based how you would like to participate
> Resources -- Select from one of the following three options (click link to buy resource)
> 1. SURVEY ONLY -- Your Catholic Bible -- New American or Revised Standard
> 2. KNOWLEDGE -- Bible + Workbook -- https://tinyurl.com/G2JWorkbook ($20 + S&H)
> 3. UNDERSTANDING -- Bible + Participant Kit -- https://tinyurl.com/G2JKit ($35 + S&H)
> Questions: Dick Marchessault (221-0046 [voice or text]) or Faith Formation ( 688-0599 )
> For an overview and sample of the study click here ==> https://tinyurl.com/G2JSample
> IMPORTANT: Click on the SUBMIT button below to complete your registration
Bible Study Schedule
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