Adult Flex League, Summer 2021
$30 to play all summer! A tennis league on your schedule. We will group you into a “flight” with 6 to 9 other players of similar ability. You contact each of the people in your flight and schedule a match at a time and place that is convenient for both of you. Report the scores to us. We post the standings online. Get all your matches in by the end of August. Awards for champ and runner up in each flight are given out at the end of the summer. Cost is $30 to play matches all summer.
Registration deadline, June 12. Match play begins, June 15.
Which Level am I?
Beginner-Can hit a topspin forehand 50% or less or the time. Can hit a topspin backhand 25% or less of the time. May double fault as much as once per game. USTA NTRP, low 3.5 or below.

Intermediate/advanced-Can hit a topspin forehand at least 75% of the time. Can hit a topspin backhand at least 50% of the time. May double fault as much as 2-3 time per set of singles. USTA NTRP, high 3.5 or above.

If you're not sure, we will ask you some questions below and help you decide.
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