Quaker House Residential Community Application Form
Quaker House Residential Community (QHRC)
1416 Hill Street, Ann Arbor MI, 48104
Contact: Resident Host, qhrc.contact@gmail.com | www.annarborfriends.org

The questions below will help you to learn more about QHRC and help us to get to know you. Please answer the questions completely and thoughtfully. Use as much space as necessary, and feel free to send to the Resident Host a résumé / other information that will help us to know you better.
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1. How did you hear about the QHRC? Why do you want to participate?
2. On what date would you want to move in? How long would you like to participate in QHRC?
3. Please describe your previous experience in group, communal, cooperative or intentional community living. What aspects did you most enjoy? What did you find difficult?
4. Please describe your plans for the coming year.
5. What is your current living situation? Why are you leaving?
6. Embracing social, cultural and economic diversity is important to the QHRC. Please share your thinking and/or experience in this area with us.
7. House meetings are mandatory and held about twice a month, at a time that is best for all residents. Are you willing to commit to attending these meetings? Are you able to commit the necessary time to fully engage in other household tasks (roughly eight hours weekly)? Please describe anything that might interfere with your full participation.
8. We use shared meals to build community. Currently, we expect all residents to be present for 3-4 dinners per week. We also expect each resident to cook dinner for the house three times in four weeks. Are you able to participate in the community meal plan? Please describe anything that might interfere with your full participation.
9. Describe your communication style. How do you make your needs known? How do you hear others' needs?
10. Conflicts arise among individuals living in community. Please use an example from your life to tell us about your ability to cope with and resolve conflict.
11. How do you handle stress? What stresses you?
12. How do you plan on paying for living expenses? Do you have a reliable source of income?
13. Do you have any health concerns you would want your community to know about?
14. What questions do you have about life at QHRC?
15. How familiar are you with Quaker values, Quaker decision-making processes, and Quaker worship?
We welcome all people regardless of age, race, differing abilities, gender identity, and sexual orientation.
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