Custom BEEF Cut sheet
GRIND TIER: Harvest Brisket, Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, Flank Tri-tip, Hanger steaks, 2 lb. ground chubs

ROAST TIER: Harvest Brisket, Chuck eye roasts, Neck roasts, Flatiron, cross-cut shanks, Denver steaks, Ribeye, Skirts, Short ribs, NY Strips, Tenderloin, Hanger steaks, Flank, Bavette, Tri-tip, Picanha, Sirloin Roast, Round roasts, 2 lb. ground chubs

STEAK TIER: Same as Roast-forward with the following exception:
* Chuck roasts become chuck steaks, Denver steaks, Teres major, and Ranch steaks
* Neck roasts become grind
* Sirloin roast becomes sirloin steak
* Round roasts become Top round cap, baseball steaks, salad steaks, and london broil steaks

Options exist for patties/stew meat/stir-fry at a surcharge.
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