Survey on Impact of Culture on Entrepreneurs vs Non-Entrepreneurs
As a Doctoral Candidate SZABIST, I invite you to participate in the survey for an academic research paper entitled 'Impact of Culture on Entrepreneurs Versus Non-Entrepreneurs'. My goal in this research is to understand if entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs have similar cultural values or different. The questionnaire will take about 5-7 minutes to complete. The intention of author is to publish this paper in a recognized academic journal. Your participation in this regards will help contribute to the body of knowledge and in the field of entrepreneurship.
You are guaranteed of full confidentiality and the data provided will be aggregated to ensure anonymity. You may get a copy of the findings if desired.
Your time and efforts are sincerely appreciated.
Asma Abdul Rahim
PhD Scholar

To what extent do you agree with each of the following statements?
• Please note that while filling out the questionnaire, you may feel that questions are being repeated. However, each question is necessary for the analysis.
• There are no right or wrong answers. You are requested to tick the answer that most closely matches your views.

People in higher positions should make most decisions without consulting people in lower positions. *
It is important to give detailed instructions so that I always know what I'm expected to do. *
It is more important for men to have a professional career than it is for women. *
People in higher positions should not ask the opinions of people in lower positions too much. *
It is important to spend money carefully. *
For me, it is important to follow instructions and procedures as strictly as possible. *
Individuals should sacrifice self-interest for the group / team. *
Men usually solve problems with logical analysis more than women. *
Individuals should stick with the group even through difficulties. *
People in higher positions should avoid social interaction with people in lower positions. *
People in lower positions should not disagree with decisions by people in higher positions. *
I prefer doing what I want to do even when others oppose it. *
Group welfare is more important than individual rewards. *
Solving difficult problems usually requires an active and aggressive approach which is typical of men. *
Giving up today's fun for future success is more important. *
Rules and regulations are important because they inform me what is expected of me. *
Group success is more important than individual success. *
There are some jobs that a man can always do better than a woman. *
It is important for me to have stability in life. *
People in higher positions should not give important tasks to people in lower positions. *
Instructions for doing work are important. *
Planning for the future is important for me. *
Individuals should only pursue their goals after considering the welfare of the group. *
Working hard for success in the future is important for me. *
Group loyalty should be encouraged even if individual goals suffer. *
Please specify your gender. *
Age bracket: *
Monthly income: *
Current qualification: *
Your current job level: *
Type of organization you work for (If unemployed, please skip this question):
Do you have plans to start your own business in future if currently not a businessperson? *
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