Audience Survey 2019
Your feedback is the most important step in our development of new programmes and the improvement of our website.
Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey, we really appreciate your input!

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Do you primarily engage with Disability Arts Online (the website and/or the organisation) as... *
Do you also engage with Disability Arts Online as anything else? (tick as many that apply)
What do you use Disability Arts Online for? What brings you to the website, newsletter and/or social media channels? (If relevant, please explain why you engage with DAO as an organisation) *
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How frequently do you engage with the arts (at home or at a venue) not including engagement through Disability Arts Online? *
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Once every month
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Please make any suggestions you have in relation to any aspect of our activity: e.g. ideas for features or other content for the website (e.g. would you like us to branch out into satire, cartoons, reportage), how we might better support disabled artists, activity online and offline in the 'real world', who we should be trying to reach
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Have you engaged with any of our events since April 2019? (tick as many as apply) *
Do you have any comments or feedback about the event(s) you attended?
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Have you listened to The Disability And...Podcast we produce with Graeae?
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