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Please fill out this form if you wish to be considered for a future Quivering in Quarantine volume. Feel free to direct any questions & queries to quiveringinquarantine@gmail.com (◠‿◠✿)
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At the present time, we do not pay artists and writers for exhibiting work with us. If your submission is successful, you must therefore agree to your work being exhibited without payment. We do not have any intellectual property over your work, meaning you are able to sell and showcase your work outside of our gallery. We do not own your works nor do we commission artworks or pieces of writing. We simply showcase your works on our digital platform. By accepting these terms and conditions, you also give us permission to post your chosen artist statement and submitted artworks on our digital platforms, such as on Facebook, Instagram, Anchor, and of course our website. You also give us permission to keep your work/s and their details on file. We encourage multiple submissions from those whose previous submission/s have been unsuccessful. Finally, Quivering in Quarantine will not tolerate any form of abuse or discrimination against others. If you partake in this kind of behavior, we reserve the right to remove your work from our platform.
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