Farmerama Radio Listener Survey
As we embark on our 5th year at Farmerama Radio, we want to hear the voices of you, our listeners. This short survey will help us to get a better idea of who you are and what you care about, so we can continue to make content that resonates. All questions are optional. Thank you for supporting us!
What is your relationship to farming? Are you a farmer, grower, food producer?
How were you first introduced to Farmerama?
How often do you listen to Farmerama?
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Why do you listen to Farmerama?
What topics or issues would you like to hear more (or less!) of on Farmerama?
Climate change, environment policy
Biodiversity, conservation, rewilding
Animal husbandry, meat production
Horticulture, CSAs, market gardens
Agroforestry / silvopasture systems
Young / new entrant farmers
Soil health
Community projects
Food production, food chain
Heritage grains, seed saving
Any topics we missed that you would like to hear more of on the show?
Is there a particular Farmerama story that you enjoyed - an episode that resonated or piqued your interest?
Are there any companies, brands, foundations or causes that you would like to see us work with?
Do you have any other ideas or suggestions for how we can make the podcast even better?
Would you be interested in attending a Farmerama social event in your area?
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What other podcasts do you listen to?
How old are you?
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What gender do you identify as?
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How do you identify your ethnicity?
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