DOC Blood Drive (November 2019)
Hey everyone,
A huge shoutout and thanks to those of you who came out to volunteer and donate at our blood drives in the past! Our SECOND blood drive this semester is coming up soon! It will be from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM in front of the Student Center (UC South) on Monday, November 4th.

Because of Tropical Storm Imelda, over 1,000 units of blood have been lost. Since all the hospitals in the Houston area get their blood from the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, we are in dire need for people to donate and volunteer!

We urge you to come donate blood in order to save lives and strengthen others along the way. Remember, every blood donation can save 3 lives. If you can't or decide you don't want to donate blood, then come and volunteer to help out! We hope you can come out and support this cause. We'll see you there!

This is your chance to make a great difference!

Join us again, or for the first time, outside the Student Center so we can serve and strengthen the community together. We hope to see all of you there. LOTS OF POINTS FOR VOLUNTEERING!!! EXTRA POINTS FOR DONATING!!! If you sign up and donate, you will be credited with 3 service hours + however many hours you volunteer.



**PLEASE NOTE: If you have already donated blood elsewhere within the last 8 weeks (56 days), we will have to check if you can donate again on Monday. If you can't, however, we would still love for you to come out and volunteer with us!

***This event is ON CAMPUS, and the blood donation truck will be in front of the Student Center in the Circle Drive.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Operations Director, Areeba Alsharfeen, at 504-250-1401.
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I understand that attending DOC volunteer events are a privilege NOT a right. Therefore, I will be respectful of others and ONLY sign up for events if I am 100% sure that I am able to attend. I will not cancel last minute because that is unfair to members who wanted to attend an event but could not because all spots filled up. I understand that there will be penalties and consequences for last minute cancellations. *
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