Comments about Colchester RGS.
Stories must be submitted anonymously. If names or specific details are included that compromise the anonymity of the testimony, it will not be posted. This is to protect the identity of the survivor and also to protect all involved from accusations of slander. For that same reason, please refrain from including the names of anyone in your story.

Please note, whilst it is important to highlight that sexism and misogyny disproportionately affects girls, women, non-binary and gender-queer people, it is also harmful to men and boys too. Therefore, please feel free to share your experiences of sexism and misogynistic culture regardless of your gender.

These comments are being published on a public website ( to raise awareness of the issue and force the school to do something about it so please only attach what you'd be happy for others to see (all anonymous of course though).

Feel free to spill everything you may have been holding up for a long time. No judgements here.
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