Compassion Classrooms Application
Kindly answer the questions below to the best of your ability. After your application has been reviewed, we will follow up via email and arrange a phone call to discuss your submission. This application should take about 10 minutes.
Do your best to answer the questions given what you know about the project. None of the questions should require more than a paragraph in response.
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Who have you spoken to within your school or community about the project and how many individuals are supportive? *
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I have ideas about where a Compassion Project training can fit naturally into other professional development opportunities for educators at my school(s). *
Please describe funding sources that may be available to cover training costs as well as project costs. Keep in mind that training costs do not cover travel, food, or lodging. Project materials vary, but a safe estimate is $6 per student. i.e. 1,000 students = $6000 in materials. We can provide advice and guidance on how to find discounted / donated materials. *
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I am interested in co-writing a grant in order to afford bringing the Compassion Project to my school(s). *
Please describe the progress or change you wish to see within your community as result of this project and how you think the change can be sustained. *
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Do you have any questions? What do you need from us?
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Thank you so much for completing the application!
A Compassion Project representative will reach out to you in the next week.
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