20 - 21 Student Request for School Counseling or QuaranTEAM
Dear Hemmerling Students,

I'm so glad you've found this link! I am so grateful to be able to offer an online way for you to get in touch with me during distance learning and even when we're back at school in person. This will be the new way for you to get in touch with me :).

Don't forget to join me for Lunch with Miss J Wednesdays from 12:15pm-12:45pm, join a QuaranTEAM (virtual small group), add yourself to our school-wide Google Classroom (code a3yarlm) and check out season 2 of our new, online video mini series, Mustang Minute!

I can't wait to see or hear from you all.

Miss J
Hemmerling School Counselor
Tier II/III PBIS Coordinator

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