2018-2019 Locker Request Form
This form was created by GCU's mail room to expedite the allocation of lockers: please assist us by completing all fields accurately. We will contact you with the outcome of the locker allocation. However, if you need any more information, please get in touch through: mailroom@gcu.ac.uk


Hamish Wood Lockers are currently undergoing maintenance and upgrading. No lockers will be avialable in the Hamish Wood building until the end of October 2018. Please be aware that if you select a locker elsewhere, you will not be able to swap this locker for another one under any circumstances.

Please also be aware of the following -

- Lockers that are padlocked without prior email confirmation, will be snipped and contents retained by security.
- Duplicate applications will be disregarded and first choice taken.

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Where is your preferred locker location? If your primary location is not available, you'll be allocated a locker in the next nearest location. *Options are removed as they become fully allocated*
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