CampDAO Membership
Thanks for wanting to contribute to CampDAO !

Anyone joining the CampDAO (aka Moonshot) for Burning Man 2019 is asked to fill out the questions below. You can contribute or fund the project even if you do not join the camp this year - your support will be used and remembered for burning man 2020 and beyond.

The answers to this form will be used for the CampDAO team to get to know their contributors. We will also grant you access you to join the SLACK Channel which runs camp organization!

To be eligible to join the Camp Dao Slack you have to
1- Be a meaningful contributor to the project. You can contribute by : bringing ideas, bring resources, bringing financial support, and if you can, join our camp this year !
2- Adhere to the 10 principles of Burning Man (, and
3- We ask contributors to send 10 EOS to account *wearecampdao* to demonstrate commitment to the project

CampDAO Team
Your Name *
Your email address for the slack invite: *
Are you part of the EOS Community? If so, what affiliation? *
How many times have you been to Burning Man (Or any other international burn)? *
What might you be willing to contribute ? *
Would you be interested in joining the camp this year? *
If yes, do you have a ticket already? (or know someone who can help us get tickets)
Have you sent 10 EOS or more to wearecampdao? With what address? *
Anything else we should know?
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