Middle East Solidarity Magazine - How to get involved
Events in the Middle East often dominate the news, but it is the stories of war, sectarian violence and western military intervention which grab the headlines. Middle East Solidarity magazine shows a different side to the region. We report on resistance to repression and imperialism from Morocco to Yemen, covering the strikes and protests which are missed by the mainstream media. We hope to carry the voices and stories of the women and men who are still fighting for bread, freedom and social justice to new audiences. Our practical guides to campaigning and resources for activists aim to build a stronger solidarity movement.

Middle East Solidarity magazine is a joint project of MENA Solidarity Network, Egypt Solidarity Initiative and Bahrain Watch, and is supported by funding from UCU, PCS, NUT and a number of Trades Union Councils and local trade union branches.

We have a particular focus on the Arabic-speaking countries of the Middle East, as our organisations were set up to mobilise solidarity campaigns in the wake of the Arab Revolutions of 2011.

We campaign for:

- Democratic freedoms and social rights for all.
- An end to discrimination and oppression on the basis of ethnic or national origin, gender, religious belief or sexuality
- The Palestinian campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel
- The withdrawal of foreign troops and dismantling of foreign military bases in the region.
- An end to the imposition of debt, privatisation, austerity and other neoliberal policies on the people of the region by international financial institutions, foreign governments and their local allies.
- The rights of refugees and migrants from and within the region to move freely and live without fear of discrimination and oppression.

If you agree with our aims and are passionate about mobilising solidarity against repression and imperialism we'd love to hear from writers, photographers, designers and translators who are interested in contributing to the magazine. Please note, unfortunately we can't pay contributors, as our funds are very limited.
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