ALFT Participant Questionnaire
Welcome to the Advanced Leadership and Facilitation Training. The following questionnaire is designed to give the facilitators the necessary information to ensure you a deep and rewarding experience. As with most things you will only receive back what you put into it. These questions might be challenging, and we encourage you to answer all of the questions as honestly and completely as possible. All answers are considered strictly confidential.
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1. What is your vision or INTENTION for yourself for this Training? *
2. When did you participate in the LDT? *
3. Since your participation in the LDT and in the ALFT preparation program (If applicable), how have you grown as a leader/facilitator, and what has moved, changed, and opened up for you? *
4. What practical steps have you taken since your LDT and the ALFT preparation program (If applicable) *
(i.e. Started a circle, held one day workshops, introduced COR communication tools at work etc.)
5. What do you see are you biggest gifts as a leader and/or facilitator? *
6. What do you see are your biggest challenges, shortcomings or inner obstacles that are keeping you from living your full potential as a leader/facilitator? *
7. What do you see is your next step as a facilitator? What processes, projects, initiatives, or offerings do you want to create, hold or collaborate on? *
8. At this point in time, what is your relationship with Grace like and what role do you see that plays in your leadership? What are your current spiritual practices and affinities (formal or informal)? Do you have a daily meditation/prayer practice? *
9. What is your current mission statement? *
10. What does it mean for you to begin the actual ALFT? How does this symbolize a rite of passage in your life? What would you say this rite of passage is about for you? *
11. As you know from the LDT, you get the most out of this when you fully participate and adhere to the structure, the required reading, the homework, and the practices that will be an integral part of this. What is it you need to let go off or step into so you can fully commit to this amazing journey you’re about to embark upon? *
12. Is there anyone in the ALFT cohort with whom you have unresolved issues or whom you have concerns about? If yes, who is it, and how will you resolve this before the start of ALFT? *
13. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you and your upcoming participation in the ALFT? *
Health and Wellbeing
We care about you and your needs and do our very best to accommodate you whenever possible.
1. Are you vegetarian? *
2. Do you have any special dietary needs? *
If you have a specific food allergy, please note what it is. We accommodate vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. If have specific food preferences/allergies, other than mentioned above, please be prepared to supplement your meals as needed.
3. Do you exercise regularly? If yes, what kind? *
4. Do you snore? *
5. Are you able to sleep in a room with someone who snores? *
6. Given the intensity of the last year, what are you doing to support yourself? How is your mental, emotional and spiritual health? Have there been any changes in your physical and mental health? Have you received any new diagnoses - physically or mentally? If yes, please share what the diagnosis is. *
7. Are you seeing a therapist, coach, psychiatrist? Are getting treatment for any diagnosed illness, or utilizing any mood stabilizing drugs? If yes, please share the type of support you are getting and what drugs, if any, and the dosage. *
In case of emergency, whom should we contact? *
Relationship to you *
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