Situation Report Data Aggregator
This document is to be used to provide an electronic entry method for all personnel who need to provide ICS-209 data to the Situation Unit Leader. A link to this document should be provided at the beginning of the Operational Period with a deadline that give the Situation Unit Leader a couple of hours to organize and clean up the data, as well a built in time for IC approval prior to any submission deadlines by the EOC or Agency administrator.

In the event of austere conditions, or IT outage, a printed version of this document can be distributed to the appropriate parties. The PDF version of this document will be stored in the SitL section of the NCR-IMT Dropbox. Each section will contain a header for the most like unit/section to have access to the data being requested. This is not always black and white, and the Situation Unit should use their best judgement based on the incident.

Each party responsible for filling out a section of the 209 will have a section labelled/designated for them. They should only fill out the section applicable to them. This form has multiple pages/sections, so the section applicable to you can be found by clicking "next" until that section is located. Once it is filled out, click "next" until you have the option to submit. The only field that is required is your E-mail address.
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