Morgan Football Coach - Characteristics/Qualities Survey
The Morgan Athletic Department is seeking your input as we are beginning the search process for our next head football coach. Please complete the following questions and the responses will be analyzed to create a profile for our coaching search.
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As we search for a coach please rank the following characteristics, qualities, and concepts. *
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Experience as a head coach
Extensive experience playing the sport
Played collegiately
Understanding of skills, strategy, and development
Ability to make competitive adjustments
Ability to motivate players
Builder of team culture
Ethically/morally sound behavior
Ability to communicate to parents
Is a school teacher
Works at Morgan
Coaches other high school sports
Emphasizes strength training
Coached at the college level
Has been an offensive coordinator
Has been a defensive coordinator
Understands technology (HUDL, Google Classroom, etc)
Instills school and community pride
Builds, engages, and involves the youth program
What does the football program need to be successful? *
Describe the ideal candidate for the head football coach at The Morgan School? *
Other comments for the search process.
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