Austin OneHeart Scholarship Application
Welcome! We are glad that you are applying for Austin OneHeart Scholarship. If you have not visited OneHeart, I recommend that you visit the school before submitting this application.

After your visit, please share with us your aspirations and why you decided to apply for the scholarship. I look forward to learning more about you.

Please write your answers below, do not click on the edit box. :)

Austin OneHeart School
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1. Please tell us the top three reasons why you are applying for the OneHeart merit scholarship. *
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Please describe your daily rhythm (including how much time you spend in front of screen (phone, tv, computer, game consoles). *
Please share your academic experience. What did you enjoy and not enjoy? How would you assess your own academic progress? What areas do you feel confident and what areas do you want to improve? What is your academic aspiration? (200 words or more) *
Please share your extracurricular activities. What did you enjoy and not enjoy? What were your reasons for pursuing them? What have you learned through the experience? (200 words or more) *
Please share what you think makes up "good citizenship" in a learning environment? in your hometown? in your country? (200 words or more) *
what aspirations do you have for yourself? *
Please ask two teachers/mentors (not a family member) who can speak about your character, motivation, work ethic, scholarship and extracurricular leadership to submit their letters of recommendation to us prior to February 1, 2020 *
Please submit by email or bring to the in-person interview (i) your academic records OR portfolio of your artistic work (minimum 10 pieces), (ii) writing samples (minimum 3 pieces), and (iii) any records of other achievements. *
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