Parent Survey for Educational Concepts and Grade Configurations in the New Hall School
As we prepare for our transition into the New Hall School, we are taking this opportunity to look at the grade configurations and programming we have in place as well as explore any new configurations or concepts we want to include. As you know, we currently have two programs running parallel within the building; the Many Rivers Program and the Neighborhood Program. It is our goal to take the best of both programs and create a school that offers the best learning opportunities for each student and is united in its core beliefs. All staff have been meeting in groups (with representation from each grade level, specialist, and ed techs) to reflect on the best practices of a variety of educational configurations and concepts. We aspire to build consensus among the staff as the end of the year begins to loom large. We are really hoping to have insight and input from parents about how they feel their students learn best; which configuration or configurations would be best in the new building; and which concepts should be prioritized. The survey is broken into two sections; Educational Concepts, focuses on what we will teach, Grade Configurations, focuses on how we will be organized. We are inviting you to participate in this survey. We will be looking at each one and reading the comments with staff as we continue our work.

We are hoping to have the surveys completed by March 24! Thank you in advance for participating in this survey.

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