LivesArchived Survey
Feedback on the early, non-marketed version of Your response is anonymous and will help drive the direction of the service. The survey should take 2 to 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time! Please view prior to taking the survey!
The mission of LivesArchived is to preserve a person’s life's works and to make this information universally available forever. Is that mission effectively communicated by viewing the website?
Didn't get that idea at all
Website made that clear
I would use this site to
Was it clear that viewing existing people was free and ad-free?
Not Clear
Very Clear
Was it clear that a one-time payment allowed you to create an archive for a person forever?
No clear
Very clear
What do you like LEAST about LivesArchived?
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What feature(s) did you find useful?
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If you could change something about LivesArchived, what would you change and why?
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We are planning on adding more features and would appreciate your input.
Please rate the following in terms of desirable or important the new feature would be to you.
For a fee we scan a box of documents/videos/audio/photos for you and you approve which are public on the site?
Not desirable
Must have
An app to scan and upload photos and documents from your phone
Not desirable
Must have
Partnership with non-profit archiving service to ensure content is accessible forever
Not desirable
Must have
What additional features would you like to see?
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When the site is officially live, would you recommend LivesArchived to a friend?
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