NAND Award Nominations
A leader doesn’t always have a fancy title like CEO, director or manager! A leader can be defined as a difference maker or someone who isn’t satisfied with status quo. Each year, the Nashville Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics takes time to celebrate and honor the accomplishments of both members and community leaders who make a difference in the lives of others.

We ask for your participation in the selection process. Nominate a NAND difference maker today!

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Awards Selection Criteria
1. AND member, NAND member and Licensed in the State of Tennessee
2. Active participant at the national, state or district level
3. Not a previous NAND winner of the award
4. Promoter of optimal health and nutrition for the community
5. Demonstrated leadership in the association or in place of employment

ADDITIONAL CRITERIA (for recognized young dietitian)
1. Must not exceed the age limit (35 years old) as of NAND awards deadline.

ADDITIONAL CRITERIA (for emerging dietetic leader)
1. Initial practice experience not less than 5 years and not greater than 10 years.
2. Interrupted careers or time periods not in practice are not to be considered or rationed into 5-10 years of professional practice experience.
3. Active participation in the state, district or national AND for at least 5 years.

ADDITIONAL CRITERIA (for NAND student award)
1. Post-graduate, proof of enrollment, minimum grade point average of 3.0, letter of recommendation.

1. Nominee must be known to the dietitians throughout the district
2. Nominee is not a member of TAND/AND or a Registered Dietitian
3. Nominee must have made a significant contribution in at least one of the following ways:
* Promoting the advancement of the field of nutrition in Tennessee through scientific knowledge or technical skills
* Demonstrating good will through notable service in furthering the advancement of dietetics and promoting its high standards through resources or time, personnel, and/or financial support
* Furthering the cultural growth of dietetics
* Contributing to the public awareness of the field of dietetics.

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