Request for Waiver of Non-Custodial Parent Information for Financial Aid
Doane Stuart requires that both natural parents submit the required financial aid documents to determine a student’s award. By completing this form, you are requesting that an exception be made to the requirement of financial information from the noncustodial parent. This request will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee.

Supporting documentation (court rulings and/or legal documents) is required and should be submitted with this form.

Custodial Parent and Student Information
Full Name of Custodial Parent *
Email Address of Custodial Parent *
Full Name(s) of Student(s) Applicant(s) *
Non-Custodial Parent Information
Non-Custodial Parent's Name *
Non-Custodial Parent's Address *
Date and nature of last contact between student and non-custodial parent: *
Has the non-custodial parent claimed the child as a dependent on a federal tax return? *
If yes, indicate most recent year:
Does the non-custodial parent pay child support? *
Marital status of non-custodial parent, relative to custodial parent: *
If divorced/separated, please indicate the date:
Is there a court order limiting contact with the student? *
Please describe the reasons for your request, or any circumstances to assist the Financial Aid Committee in better understanding your family situation. *
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