Metro,  Mayor Bass (Mayor Garcetti), Governor Newsom, City, and State Leaders:  

Aerial Rapid Transit Technology (ARTT) LLC, a private corporation founded by Frank McCourt, is proposing to build an aerial gondola system between Union Station and Dodger Stadium called LA ART. While Metro is the oversight agency for this gondola project, this would be a PRIVATE corporation’s project built mostly over PUBLIC land FOR PRIVATE BENEFIT.

We, the signers of this petition, OPPOSE the LA ART Gondola to Dodger Stadium for the following reasons:

THE McCOURT GONDOLA WOULD ALTER THE CHARACTER AND USE OF LOS ANGELES STATE HISTORIC PARK. The Gondola would undo years of community advocacy for a tranquil green space. The view from the park to the LA Skyline will be littered with cables and gondola cabins, and chase away wildlife, especially birds.

THE McCOURT GONDOLA WOULD USE PUBLIC RESOURCES FOR PRIVATE PROFIT. This project requires the use of public rights of way, public air rights, and public lands and serves only to benefit Frank McCourt.

THE McCOURT GONDOLA WOULD HARM OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. The enormous gondola cabins would travel over the rooftops of family housing. Neighborhoods located near the gondola stations would experience increased traffic and parking problems, endangering pedestrians, especially seniors and children.

THE GONDOLA (LARTT LLC) AND METRO ARE, SEEKING APPROVALS WITHOUT MEANINGFUL COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT OR TRANSPARENCY. A project that would permanently alter our neighborhoods and the Los Angeles State Historic Park requires a full public review. Basic information has been withheld including the location of the towers, and the height and scale of the stations. The two potential routes were chosen without public input.  

TAXPAYERS WILL LIKELY END UP PAYING FOR THIS PROJECT. How will McCourt pay for it? What will it cost to operate and maintain the system? What happens with cost overruns? Who pays for it?

THIS IS A TOURIST ATTRACTION, NOT REAL TRANSIT. At up to $30 per ticket for a 1.5-mile ride, this project is not transit that community members would use to access essential services.

REAL PUBLIC TRANSIT TO DODGER STADIUM EXISTS AND IS OPERATING.  The Dodger Stadium Express which has committed to zero emissions is a wildly popular bus program utilized by many happy Dodger fans.

STOP THE CORPORATE WELFARE for billionaires and the privatization of our public spaces.

Help us protect our neighborhoods and the Los Angeles State Historic Park.  

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