Next step: Determining your cake size and assigning flavors!
You've taken a Taster Kit to Go enjoyed it with a big glass of milk or a glass of champagne or a great big cappuccino. What's the next step? Determine your cake size and assign your favorite flavor options!
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How many guests are you inviting to the wedding?
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Take that number and subtract 25% for industry standard RSVP declines and persons who prefer not eat cake. What's this new number? This will be called your Total Servings Needed number.
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Are you planning a groom's cake or dessert bar or candy buffet for guests to enjoy during the wedding? (Not including favors that guests will take home at the end.)
We suggest reserving 25% of your Total Servings Needed for use on the groom's table or dessert bar. Take your Total Servings Needed and multiply by 25%. What is this new number? (If no groom's cake or dessert items are needed, it will be zero.)
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Final math question for the day. Take your Total Servings Needed, subtract the amount reserved for groom's cake, etc. What is this new number? This will be called your Wedding Cake Servings.
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Great! Now we know how many Wedding Cake Servings you need! Let's determine how many tiers that will be.
Sometimes, height is more important than actual Wedding Cake Servings needed. You may only NEED 100 servings but you WANT a 4 tier cake. That's an important styling and design aspect. If you want that 4th tier, please assign it a flavor too!

To get an idea of pricing by #of tiers, open up a new tab/window and visit:

The range in servings is dependent on the diameters of the tiers. Example: A 6 tier cake could be sizes 6"/8"/10"/12/"14" diameters to serve 308...or it could be 6"/9"/12"/14"/16" to serve 420. Those wider diameters on the lower tiers make a huge difference in number of servings.

Number of Servings/Tiers: Keep in mind that the top tier serves if you are saving that tier, please subtract it from the servings listed below. *
Now lets assign your favorite flavors from the tasting to those tiers! Fill in only the number of tiers that you need to fulfill your Wedding Cake Servings.
You could choose just one flavor option, or you could choose 2 and alternate every other tier...OR you could choose completely different flavors for each tier. That's completely up to you!

You also have the option to choose just one filling flavor per tier or up to 3. Again, this is completely your call.

The bottom tiers are going to serve the most assign your favorite flavors there. Save the smaller tiers for flavors you like, but might be lower on your priority list. And if you are saving the top should be a duplicate of your most favorite option!

Enter the text in this order: Cake Flavor, Filling Flavor(s), Outer Buttercream Flavor
Don't worry about the different shades of buttercreams. Years of experience have taught us how to finish coat the cakes with a very thin coat of one of your flavor choices (usually white chocolate or vanilla bean) so all tiers look exactly the same color. It's not enough to affect flavor, but it sure makes a difference during viewing and photography.
Tier 1: The 6" top tier - to save or to serve, it should be your favorite option.
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Tier 2: The 2nd tier will be either an 8" or 9" and will serve between 24 and 32 guests.
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Tier 3:
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Tier 4: These are getting quite large, so they need to be your favorite flavor or what you consider a crowd pleasing flavor combination.
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Tier 5:
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Tier 6:
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Awesome! Let's add this information to your initial inquiry forms.
If you haven't already submitted the initial Wedding Inquiry, please do so now at This will give us the basic information to start your file and keep a record of your preferences on our forms: your venue name and location, start times, etc. .
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