ASO 2023 Sign Up Form
Join us for the 2023 installment of the MossRanking All Shortcuts + Olmec tournament! This tournament will have a group stage and a bracket stage. To sign up, please fill out this form by December 31st. Select group stage matches and playoffs will be broadcast at Players of all skill levels are encouraged to join!
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What is your MossRanking username? *
You will need to submit an All Shortcuts + Olmec run to your account to be eligible to play.
What is your Discord username? *
Make sure to include the 4-digit code (e.g. Cloiss#5685).
What is your Twitch username? *
Please provide the username of the account you will be streaming to for the event. If you don't want the event footage to be streamed to your main channel, we recommend creating a second Twitch channel.
What is your preferred display name? (e.g. Man eats pizza) *
This name will identify you on stream and in all official event information.
What name(s) do you prefer to be called by on stream? (e.g. Man eats pizza or MEP)
This will help our commentators know how to refer to you.
How are your display names and nicknames pronounced?  (e.g. "cloiss as in cloister",,  /klɔɪs/)
If plain text isn't sufficient, we recommend visiting to create a voice recording of yourself or using the International Phonetic Alphabet (guides for this can be found on Google or Wikipedia).
What are your preferred pronouns?
This is optional, but we encourage you to provide your preferred pronouns so that commentators know how to refer to you.
Are you okay with your preferred pronouns being displayed on the overlay?
We would like to put a small icon near your display name so that viewers know your pronouns.
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What is your time zone and UTC offset? (e.g. EST, UTC-5)
If you're unsure of your time zone or UTC offset, you should be able to find it by searching your location on Google.
The final playoff matches will most likely occur on January 28-29 - all other matches will be fairly flexible for scheduling. If you are not available that weekend, you are still able to play in the group stages.
Do you have any questions or comments for the event organizers?
Make sure to join the Discord for more information!
The event will be orchestrated through the Spelunky Events Discord, found at - joining is necessary to receive all communication about the event.
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