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160 Saint-Viateur East, Montreal, #505
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An incubator for collaborative ventures. Gain experience in collaborative entrepreneurship and free access to 3D printers, electronics and optics for rapid prototyping.
Eligibility : Any small group working on a project,  a venture, legally constituted or not. Your activities and culture must be somewhat compatible with Sensorica, which will be assessed from your answers below.  
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If you are not alone in the project, we assume that you have been entrusted by your partners to be the contact individual.  
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Name your project *
We assume that you are interested in the Sensorica lab because you have a project. If you are just looking for a space to meet new people just contact the community and pass by, see URL and address below.
Please describe your project *
Please use this section to provide a detailed description of your project.  What motivates your project choice? What will you build?  How long will it take to complete? What will you do with it?  What impact or result do you hope to achieve ?  Do you anticipate needing any special materials, components, tools, or equipment? Are you working with others? Tell us about existing knowledge or skills you bring to the project? What skills or knowledge are you interested developing?
If possible, please provide a project URL
Leave blank if your project doesn't have a website yet.  
How many people from your project would use the lab?
Give us a number
How would you use the lab space?
Give us an idea about how many days/week you'll work from the lab, how many hours/day, how many people, what type of activities.
Do you use open source software and/or hardware in your project?   *
Are you going to release your work as open source *
The lab space is shared with other innovators and collaborative entrepreneurs.  Are you comfortable working on your project in a shared space? *
The lab may present opportunities to help others by sharing your knowledge and expertise.  Can you see yourself doing that? *
Do you need any of the equipment below *
Check everything that applies
The lab is available now. If you are selected, when do you think you can set-up your work area and get started? *
Give us an approximate  date
Hub for collaborative entrepreneurship since 2011
160 Saint-Viateur East, #505, Montreal
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