Small Business Pro Bono Assistance Program
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Context: Consult Your Community is nationally gauging the need for pro bono business support due to COVID-19.

Why this survey? From this survey, we want to know whether you want dedicated professional mentor support on areas critical to your business (current thinking is June - August 2020 timeframe) and whether you would be interested in a no-strings grant gifted by Consult Your Community. Filling out this survey nominates you to be considered for a Consult Your Community Grant.

What does this mean for me? Don't worry - completing this survey does not mean you are obligated to participate. You will, however, be providing critical data for us to design an impactful program to help small business owners like yourself in these trying times. We want to design a program that suits your needs!

Data will not be shared outside of this organization. Thank you!
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Do you want dedicated support filling out the application for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)? (Imagine someone filling out the forms for you before you check and submit them to a bank) *
Would you be interested in working with a team to receive pro bono professional support over the summer starting in June? (Example: Services could include a dedicated team of analysts to optimize delivery of online sales, connecting you with resources in the community for financial help, helping your workforce transition to working online, and more) *
Given current trends, how much time does your business have to stay financially afloat? *
Optional: What are you in most need of help right now?
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Were you ever a client of CYC?
If you are selected for a Fund Your Community grant and/or have a team working with you, will you share documents such as your business' prior year tax returns? (This is done so we can be transparent to our donors on truly helping businesses in need. All volunteers will be signing an NDA and storing documents on our organization's central drive to ensure your businesses' privacy.)
If you are looking to be funded through a Fund Your Community grant, please fill out the following 3 questions to the best of your knowledge.
In which industry is your business?
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On average, how much money does your business need monthly to stay afloat? (Example: $5000 in sales to break even for the month)
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What was your annual revenue in 2019? Total 2019 Expenses?
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Roughly how many employees and contractors do you employ? (Employees: 100, Contractors: 5)
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