Background Questionnaire for Chinese Language Learners
Hi, thank you for being willing to help with my PhD research study. Please complete the following questionnaire first and I will contact you later. All the information you provide will NOT be disclosed to any third parties. Many thanks! Amy
1. What is your gender? *
2. What is your age? *
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3. What is your nationality? *
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4. What is your native language? *
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5. Since when did you start learning Chinese? *
(for example: 18 years old)
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6. How long have you studied Chinese? *
(for example: 3 years)
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7. How do you study Chinese?
(for example: taking Chinese course/ watching Chinese movies/ reading Chinese novels, etc.)
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8. Are you still taking Chinese language course(s) now? *
9. How many teaching hours are there in your Chinese language course(s) per week?
(for example: 4 hours per week)
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10. Have you ever lived in a Chinese-speaking country? *
11. Where did you stay? When and how long?
(for example: Beijing, 16 years old, for 1 year)
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12. Do you communicate with people in Chinese now in your daily life? *
13. What is the percentage of your daily communication in Chinese?
(for example: 20%)
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14. In addition to English and Chinese, do you speak other languages? Please list all other languages you know and indicate the age when you started to learn that language and the duration of your learning. *
(for example: French, since 8 years old, for 12 years; German, since 20 years old, still learning now; etc.)
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15. Have you ever taken any Chinese language proficiency tests? If yes, when and what test did you take? What is your score? *
(for example: July 2012, HSK Level 4, score: 230)
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16. What is your affiliation? *
(for example: Cambridge University/ SOAS/ Leeds, etc.)
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17. What is your name and your email? *
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