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Job Description & Requirements
Candidate Qualities:

- Organized & all about details, details, details
- Ability to work calmly and make judgement calls during high pressure situations
- Direct & clear communicator
- Deadline oriented
- Self starter
- 360 hustle - think of ideas and work to implement them

Job Description:

This Innovation Officer will help to guide the organization to develop, cultivate and pursue the most promising and disruptive transformative events and experiences, and will enhance our ability to test new ideas, learn and scale (more cities, more people).


- Work very closely with the Head of Events and Experiences to plan, facilitate and coordinate all events
- Collaborate with the Head of Design & the Head of Social Media & Influencer marketing to promote, market, and create visuals for events
- Manage event logistics such as exhibit property determination, registration, presenters and content, a/v support, space planning, meeting room scheduling, booth services, equipment rental, signage, hotel, booth staffing, giveaways, etc.
- Schedule and facilitate pre and post-event planning meetings, including distribution of internal emails to booth staffers and speakers regarding event-specific logistics.
- Keep Head of Operations informed of event-related deadlines and tasks.
- This is a role of a thinker AND a doer - not only do you collect data to create more effective events and experiences, you actually work to identify venues, potential speakers, partnerships, and experiences
- This role reports directly to the Head of Events & Experiences

Additional Requirements (please read carefully!):

- Must create and SOLEY USE NAABW email account for external communications
- Must create and SOLEY USE NAABW Slack account for internal communications
- Must be plugged into team communications, responsive, and deadline oriented
- Must dedicate 4 - 8 hours monthly (on average)
- Must be be a part of one team conference call per month
- Attention to detail
- Strategic thinking with a mind for innovation and a spirit for the hustle
- In order to take NAABW to the next level, we need team members that are completely dedicated to serving our mission, and our community .If you're spread too thin, you won't be able to do your best work in this role. . .plus #selfcare.

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