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Here at Drumforge, we try to have excellent customer service and no-non-sense promotional offers that make our customers happy. Recently, Drumforge moved to a new e-commerce platform and we collectively made the decision to drop “a la carte” products from our store. This decision was based on the future of our company, knowing that as we move forward, browsing through hundreds if not thousands of drums on a web store would not be the customer experience we want to offer. However, we also recognize that many of our customers were left hanging because they might have been purchasing instruments one at a time to work their way towards owning all of the instruments eventually. That said, we’d like to introduce our A La Carte Upgrade Program.

This program will allow you to upgrade to Drumforge I Ultimate with a discount equal to the amount of money you’ve spent with us so far towards the Drumforge I library. For example, if you purchased 10 snares, you get eighty dollars off. This is 1:1 cross-grade pricing. If you’re interested in this offer, all you need to do is visit http://drumforge.com/upgrademe and fill out the form to be eligible for this offer. We’re giving you until December 31, 2015 to redeem it, so don’t miss out!

For our customers who previously owned A La Carte instruments and purchased a Drumforge I library pack anyway, we’re offering you 15% off your next purchase. If you’re interested in this offer, fill out the form below to get your discount.

We hope you guys are enjoying Drumforge as much as we enjoy making it, if you have any questions please email us at thedrumforge@gmail.com.

Fill out the information below to receive your upgrade. Upgrades are issued by an actual staff member, and can take time to process. EACH SUBMISSION MAY TAKE UP TO FIVE BUSINESS DAYS TO PROCESS!
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