EXPL390 Class Enrollment Request
Please complete the information below in order to request enrollment into the EXPL 390 Internship Seminar: Organizational Change and Community Leadership course (formerly UNIV390). After your information is reviewed, the course instructor will contact you to notify you of your status or ask for additional information.

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Full-time employment is not allowed for Spring and Fall academic internships.
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If this is a position you have held, you must be increasing your responsibility in order to qualify for the class. This could mean an additional project or increased responsibility.
What are your learning objectives? What do you hope to learn that is consistent with your major/career aspirations? Please list at least three learning objectives. *
If this is a position you have held, please be sure to explain how you will build upon your role this semester. What new project or responsibility will you have that you have not had in the past.
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