Community Connections Grants Round 6 Group Leader Closure Survey
Group Name
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Did your group bring families together in your community the way you envisioned it?
Please explain your answer.
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Community Benefits
Please indicate the degree to which you agree with the following statements.
Parents made new friends in your group.
Children made new friends in your group.
Parents were connected to resources in the community.
Parents learned new information and/or skills to help them be a better parent.
Children learned new skills to help them be ready for kindergarten.
What were other ways people benefited from being in the group?
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Group Coordination
Please indicate the level of difficulty you experienced with each of these aspects of group coordination.
How difficult was it to coordinate meetings and events?
How difficult was it to make purchases and report expenses?
How difficult was it to recruit new members?
How difficult was it to get members to come back?
How difficult was it to think of activities for the group?
What other aspects of being a group leader were challenging for you?
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Please mark the types of support you have received from your sponsoring agency.
Mark all that apply.
Over the term of your project, how many FAMILIES with children ages 0-5 do you think attended your group at least once? NOTE: You are counting families, NOT individuals. *
How many volunteers do you estimate supported your group? (This includes teens/adults from your community that did not have a 0-5 child but helped out with group activities. This can include group leaders.)
Will your group continue to meet?
If yes, how will your group continue to meet without funding from First 5?
If no, why not?
Do you have any recommendations for First 5/CAPC and the Community Grants program?
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