Foundation46 Project Grant Application
You may receive a request for follow-up questions should the foundation's board need additional information. If you receive funds from another source or wish to withdraw your request, please notify Foundation 46 of your intent to cancel your application.

If for any reason all awarded funds are not used for the project/program submitted, recipients are required to return any unused portion. All F46 grant recipients will be required to submit a brief evaluation report within 9 months of receiving grant funds. You will receive a request and a link to a google form to complete this process. Please look for it. The report will summarize effectiveness of the program and actual funds used. This will help F46 demonstrate our impact to potential donors.

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Please enter names of staff members making request and their roles within District 46.
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Please provide name and phone number for the primary contact on the application.
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Check all buildings in which project will be implemented using requested resources.
Administrative approval *
Is your building administration aware you are applying for funds and does he or she approve of the project?
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You may request any amount from $500 to $1,000 with this application.
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Project Description *
Please describe the project, what you hope to achieve, why you want to do it, and how many students will be impacted.
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Student Achievement *
How will this enhance student achievement and provide additional enrichment opportunities for students? Please reference any information/existing research that validates the effectiveness of the project.
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Common Core *
Is this project aligned with common core standards? If so, explain how.
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Timeline *
Please describe steps, timeline and resources required to complete the program.
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Project Evaluation *
How will you evaluate this program’s effectiveness?
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Please include budget information including all known expenses of this program.
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