London Sharks Membership Form 2013/2014
Club Membership Conditions

Please ignore this first section if you only intend to train with the club and skip to contact and medical information.

1) Should I wish to transfer from London Sharks during the membership period of 30th September 2013 to 30th September 2014, I agree to undertake a formal club transfer.

2) I agree to pay a £50 deposit for teams strip (if playing in one of the teams) and understand this will only be refunded once the complete and undamaged kit has been returned to the club.

3) Please note that membership is subject to approval by the London Sharks Management Committee.
Personal Details
Full Name
Date of Birth
Contact Details
Mobile Phone Number
E-mail Address
Emergency Details
Full Name
Relationship to you
Mobile Number
Medical Details
Details of any medical conditions/allergies that we should be aware of
Plese provide details of medication that must be administrated
Membership Yearly Fee
Please tick accordingly: (Please contact club treasurer for adjusted fee if you wish to join after 31st of December 2013)
Agreement and payment
Please tick
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