Write/Return - Elul Reflection Prompts
Elul, the month leading into the new year, is traditionally a time for introspection, self-assessment and growth. In the past months of distance, I feel like I've spent time by myself but it hasn't always been quality time. These reflection/journaling prompts are meant to give us time to cozy up to ourselves, to spend a few moments a day with our souls and to maybe learn a thing or two about ourselves.

So, if you are curious about this month of self-examination or you're certain that you want a daily reminder that time is, in fact, passing, then sign up for the daily emails below. I will ask, however, that if you think that your aunt or your dear friend or your roommate's partner (who is really into mindfulness!) would love these emails, please send them this link and don't just sign them up.

See you at the new moon (August 21st),
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