2022 OTA Image Award
OTA's annual Image Award recognizes companies/individuals whose actions and efforts make a positive impression and enhance trucking's overall image to the general public, decision-makers, and other industry members. Please help us with your nomination below.

Not everyone participates in the same way, so your nomination does not need to cover all of the areas listed below. These are simply suggested items. Just put N/A if that area does not apply to your nomination.

The OTA Image Award is not for participation alone! We are looking for companies and individuals that made an impact on their outward image. If you are nominating an individual or company other than your own, please submit as much information as possible, and OTA will contact the individual/company to inform them of the nomination and collect supplemental materials.

Both carrier and allied members are welcome to apply. The winner(s) will be selected by members of OTA's Image Committee. Our 2021 Image Award winner - TP Trucking - will also have a say in this year's selection. Note: Nominees for the current year will not be eligible to participate in the selection process for that year.

The deadline for 2022 submissions is August 1, 2022. Only one submission per nominated company/individual is required (but OTA understands there may be multiple submissions and varied information or supporting materials). Winner(s) will be announced at the 2022 Annual Convention & Exhibition at Riverhouse in Bend, OR August 16 - 17, 2022.

NOTE: Any actions or efforts that went above and beyond during the COVID-19 pandemic that helped build a positive image of trucking should absolutely be included in the application!
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Name of company and/or individual: *
Location of headquarters or main office (city, state): *
Oregon locations:
Total number of employees: *
Please list any public display of OTA affiliation (ex: OTA window decal at company location or in trucks, OTA awards/certifications on display, OTA logo on website, etc.):
Please list any participation in Annual Truck Driving Championship (TDC) in the last three years (ex: volunteer, driver, sponsor, attendee, etc.):
Please list any participation in OTA committees or councils (ex: Chair, Vice Chair, or general member):
Please list any legislative participation for the trucking industry (ex: OTA calls on Salem and/or Washington D.C. to defend industry's rights, attendance at a Trucking Day at the Capitol, attendance at local meetings, etc.):
Please list any volunteerism/community service and/or charitable donations (ex: food bank, shipments/deliveries for disaster relief, etc.):
Please list any outreach efforts to youth and/or special classes (ex: employment for veterans, multicultural persons, persons with disability, etc.):
Please list any environmental/green efforts (ex: clean diesel, updated trucks, office recycling programs, etc.):
Please list any company safety standards:
Please list any TV, radio, billboard, or other advertising campaigns:
Please list any participation in public events to promote the industry (ex: company-hosted, company-sponsored, etc.):
Please describe the company culture (ex: truck driver appreciation/million miles club, employee of the month, award programs, etc.):
Please include any links to social media accounts or web pages that support the image of trucking (videos, news articles, community outreach pages on your company website, etc.):
Please list any additional information/stories:
Submitted by (leave name, email, phone, or other contact information):
If you have any supporting documents or examples of promotional pieces (or a portfolio), please send to: info@ortrucking.org.
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