St Austell Town Council Parks & Open Spaces Survey
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1. Overall how satisfied are you with the parks and open spaces in St Austell?
2. Which parks/open spaces have you visited in the last 12 months? (please tick as many as appropriate)
If you selected 'Other' above please could you let us know which park you visited and why you like this park?
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3. If you have not visited any of the parks listed above, what is the reason for this?
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4. Looking at the list of parks in St Austell above, please choose the one you are most familiar with/visit most often. The next block of questions will be about this park. The park I am most familiar with/visit most often is:
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5. How often do you visit this park or open space?
6. What time of year do you visit the park?
7. How do you travel to this park or open space?
8. How long does your journey normally take?
9. Are the park and its amenities clean and well maintained?
10. Additional comments:
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11. Why do you visit the park or open space? (please tick up to five main reasons for normally visiting the park or open space).
12. If you answered 'Other' above, please specify why you visit the park or open space:
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13. How easy is it for you to access and get around the park or open space?
14. If you would like to include a comment on access, please do so below:
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15. Are you happy with the range of facilities in the park?
16. If you have an improvement priority what might it be? Please choose up to three priorities:
17. Do you have any further comments or suggestions for this park or open space?
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18. We support and encourage "Friends" groups for our parks and open spaces. A "friends" group is a collection of people who voluntarily help to look after a park or open space. These groups are involved in the upkeep and development, as well as organising events and educational use of the site. Would you be interested in joining or learning about your local "friends" group?
19. If you answered 'Yes' above, please provide your name, address, postcode and email below:
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20. What is your age group?
21. I would like to receive the results of this survey
22. If you answered 'Yes' to the question above, please provide your email address below:
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