Cannot open score
You have been directed here because you have a score that has been damaged and cannot be opened. Please answer the following questions to help the developers determine the cause of this problem so it will not happen to you or anyone else in the future.
What Operating system do you use?
What version of MuseScore was this file created under?
What version of MuseScore did you last edit it with?
What is the origin of the file?
Did you save the file on a removable storage? USB stick etc...
Did you save the file in a folder managed by Dropbox, Google Drive or other automated backup software?
Do you have auto save turned on? Check Preferences -> General
Do you save files yourself during your editing session?
Do you use "Save as" to create different versions of the file?
Did you experience a crash of MuseScore that led to your score being damaged?
Were you able to locate a backup of the score?
Do you have any other information you might think will help find the cause of the problem?
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May we contact you by e-mail if we have further questions?
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