2018-19 Elective Request

Please fill the following form out accurately and completely, logged in to your account only. You may return to this page again until May 14th to make changes.
This is a list of all elective options for next year’s students. Please rank these electives from 1-7 with 1 being the class you would most like to take next year and 7 being your 7th choice. Please select an option for all 7 as your first choices are not always possible. The number of electives each student has will vary based on academic needs.
Electives marked * require approval. Please rank them anyway as they will be skipped if you do not meet the requirements. These classes may require a certain GPA, application, or audition. You can speak to your counselor for more information on these classes.
Only the most current complete form will be considered. Electives are subject to availability, and no request is guaranteed. Space may be limited, so please rank for each category so you can take something you prefer, even if it is not your first or second choice.
All students are required to take 1 semester of PE. Some students may be required to take additional electives.
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