Parent/Community Member - Committee Interest Form - Due Friday, September 21
BCSD Instructional Materials Adoption Process: 2018-2020 English Language Arts

Residents of the Blaine County School District community are encouraged to apply to participate in the Instructional Materials Adoption Process. Two residents of the district will be selected to serve on this committee.

English Language Arts (Grades K-12) - 2 year commitment:
* Standards clarification and priorities.
* Identification and selection of instructional materials for School Board recommendation.
* Curriculum and assessment upgrades.

Parent and community involvement is key to student success. The mission of the BCSD is to inspire, engage, educate and empower every student.

Please complete this Parent/Community Member - Committee Interest Form if you would like to serve on this committee. We appreciate your willingness to commit time and energy to the instructional materials adoption process.

Selection Process
Those interested in serving should submit this form by Friday, August 31, 2018. The period of submission may be extended, if an insufficient number of people express interest. A committee composed of the Superintendent and the Director of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning will select parent/community members to serve on this committee.

Committee members are expected to:

Prepare for meetings (emails, reading, etc.).
Have access to a functioning email address.
Commit to reviewing email a minimum of one time a week.
Attend at least 80% of scheduled meetings. (These meetings are generally once a month between September and June from 4 to 5:30 PM )
Respectfully and honestly communicate in public and private spheres.
Maintain confidentiality of discussions prior to formal communication of progress or decisions.
Assume positive intent of fellow committee members and “seek first to understand.”
Actively participate in the instructional materials adoption process.
Respect privacy of email and telephone numbers of fellow committee members.
Represent parents/community, rather than their own interests.
Understand their role is fact-finding and advisory in nature and that the final selection of instructional materials is the responsibility of the BCSD Board of Trustees.

Should any task force member not meet stated expectations, it is the responsibility of the Superintendent or designee, to communicate concerns and if not resolved, the participant will be asked to resign.

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The term runs between Sept 2018 to June 2020. The committee meets almost monthly between 4-5:30 PM. Please explain any possible interruptions to your participation. *
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