Tour of Nilgiris 2019 - Volunteer Registration
Welcome to 12th Edition of One of Best Asian Cycling Tour's Volunteering Program
Work with The best cycling event organising team in India

Please note that this Volunteer registration will not confirm your entry as a volunteer on the Tour.

Request you to read before you register.

- Work Ethic- As a volunteer, you will be expected to work on multiple activities and take up several roles each day. Come eager, come prepared.

- Smile and enjoy your day - Enjoy the experience, each day will be new with a few challenges. Take each up enthusiastically.

- Previous experience only means you have better knowledge of the event and can foresee requirements, it doesn't give any preference on treatment on tour.

- No alcohol, no drugs- Each volunteer is expected to bring their best every day to the tour. Any substance abuse is banned and consumption can result in being sent off immediately without hesitation.

- Timing- A cyclist starts at sunrise and stops at sunset; a volunteer works through each day and each night.

- Health- Make this a priority, take care of yourself. Eat on time, consume enough water so you don't dehydrate. We don't want you falling sick and having to struggle through... It's a bad way to enjoy the tour.

- Gear- Be prepared for very cold days & nights, very hot days; a lot of rain, fog and bouts of humidity. Wear full shoes and carry a cap. Rain wear at easy access will help you a great deal.

- Right Decision Making Ability

- A volunteer should reflect top obedience to his team leader.

What you get on the tour

1) 7 day stay, some lovely food and awesome scenery
2) Amazing people around and lot of CXO's listening to you :-)
3) A TFN Shirt for sure
4) And finally lot of friends for life time.
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