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Here's how this works: We have a big ol' spreadsheet with all the talk pitches we've received. A couple times a year we go through and very selfishly pick out the topics that are most interesting to us personally (hey, it's a perk of running your own lecture event!), and then try to curate lineups that are topically, stylistically, and gender-diverse.

About Nerd Nite
Nerd Nite talks are ~20 min long. PowerPoint + lecture is our typical show format, but we are very flexible and support everything from chamber orchestras to science rap battles to beer judging. We strive to be playful, entertaining, sometimes a little inebriated or salacious, but always deeply educational. A bunch of curious people cram into a club every month to laugh, cheer, and learn. We have chapters in Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose and elsewhere around the world.

What Do We Look for in a Pitch?
Our secret sauces are:
- Anything can be nerdy. We love science, math, tech, etc. But we also like transportation, history, video games, music, art, food... almost anything can be nerdy through the right lens!
- Surprising complexity. Fields that people don't think about or take for granted, but an expert can show us a whole amazing world behind the scenes.
- Enthusiasm, entertainment, informality. We love speakers who are excited to share their expertise in accessible language.
- Playful angles. We've hosted talks about sword-canes, superheroes, and pirates - which were actually cleverly disguised talks about the law. Use storytelling: Share your lab's research via tales of your failures. Cat pics, memes, jokes, puns, and general quirkiness all encouraged.
- Expertise. We prioritize speakers with formal educational or professional backgrounds with their topics. Amateurs and enthusiasts are still welcome, but there may be some extra vetting.
- Meaningful education. It's only 20 min with a general audience in a bar - we get that there are steep limits to how much education can be delivered. But we very much care about having educational takeaways.

Nervous about presenting? First time public speaking? Is your idea half-baked? NO WORRIES! We offer speaker coaching services - we've been doing this for a long time and love to help people out.

If that sounds fun to you, please let us know below!
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