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- Cơ Hội Rinh "Nóng" 10,000,000 VND Ngay Hôm Nay. Thời Hạn Chỉ Đến Hết 14/10/2020. Đừng Bỏ Lỡ Cơ Hội Này Nhé!
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1) By the end of 2016, John has passed 75% of his math tests. If John has failed 5 tests, then how many tests did John pass? *
2) The average of a set of six numbers is 72. If one of the numbers is discarded, the average of the remaining numbers is 66. What is the value of the number that was discarded? *
3) The descriptions of the cages serve to: *
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4) At this point, the writer wants to add specific information that supports the main topic of the paragraph about Stevia. Which choice most effectively provides relevant and accurate information based on the graph below? *
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5) Consider the following options for the below sentence: *
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6) At this point, the writer is considering adding the following sentence: "The winter weather does not agree with stevia, which thrives in warm climates." ---Should he make the addition? *
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7) A circular region, of 21 inches in radius, consists of a grass lawn and 7-inch-wide path running around the outside of the grass lawn. The area of the path is? *
8) This paragraph seems to suggest that: *
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9) Study the sentence “There is no instance on record that a state has ever been moved to desist from its purpose because of arguments backed up by the testimony of such great men”. As used in this sentence, “great” indicates the author’s: *
10) Tiffany’s mother arranged a birthday party for her. Many of Tiffany’s and her sister’s friends came to the party. The histogram above shows the number of guests at each interval of age in years. What is one of the possible values for the mean age of the guests who came to the party? *
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11) Two dice are thrown simultaneously. The probability of obtaining a total score of seven is: *
12) Scientists from a laboratory have developed two linear equations, shown below that estimate the date of the first sighting of robins, where x is the year and y is the number of days into the year when a robin can be expected. y=765−0.320x and y=1520−0.580x. In which year do the two estimates agree. *
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