Welcome to the Curriculum Creator Application!
I'm so excited that you are interested in joining The Teaching Texan team!

At this time we are looking to grow our curriculum team! Ideal candidates should:
✅ Possess creative insight for developing resources that help teachers
✅ Show innovation in their approach to delivering high-quality instruction
✅ Have proficiency in Powerpoint, Google Slides and/or Seesaw
✅ Hold experience in teaching Kindergarten, First Grade, and/or Second Grade
✅ Posses strong time management qualities and comfort meeting deadlines
✅ Have the ability to create 3 to 4 new resources per month

As part of the application process we ask that all interested creators complete the following application.

Should you be chosen to move forward in the interview process, I will be in contact with you via the email you provided below.

Any questions can be directed to bryce@theteachingtexan.com
What is your name? *
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How many years of experience do you have in education? *
What grade level(s) have you taught? *
What subject areas do you have experience teaching in? *
What is your comfort level in creating with PowerPoint? *
Extremely Comfortable
What is your comfort level in creating for Google Slides? *
Extremely Comfortable
What is your comfort level in creating for Seesaw? *
Extremely Comfortable
If you had been working on a new resource for a few days and I asked you to modify some areas of the resource, how would you respond? *
If asked to create a resource incorporating elements that you may not be familiar with, what would you do? *
Why do you want to join The Teaching Texan team? *
What makes you a great fit for this role? *
Is there anything else you'd like to share as part of your application?
Please create a short sample resource as part of your application. The resource should focus on rhyming and be in PowerPoint or Google Slides format. Include the link to your sample resource below - please be sure that sharing settings will allow for bryce@theteachingtexan.com to view. Please note that resource samples will only be used as part of your application and will not be reproduced or shared. *
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