Would you buy rangelistings.com?
I'd like to see how much interest there is in buying rangelistings.com.
What you would buy
The domain name registration, the code, the database, my advice and some assistance on moving the website to your host.
My notes on site architecture.
My counsel on SEO optimizations and workflows to maintain the site.
My plans for improvements to the site.

As of Oct 29, 2019, over the past 12 months, the site has had 276,399 sessions and 408,489 pageviews.

Site visitors add new ranges and update existing ranges many times a week, keeping the content very up-to-date with minimal time required on my part.
Why you would buy
Because you're a supporter of the project and want to take it over before it disappears.

Because you are a business or non-profit that serves the shooting sports community, and running this website gives you a way to give back to that community while creating a brand reputation and a venue to promote your products and services.

Because you're the NRA or NSSF or a similar group and realize you want to acquire this database, which is probably better than yours, since it has been constantly, easily updated by the community for so many years.
What are the financials of owning it?
Direct costs run around $1,000 annually. The domain registration and hosting fees that I pay around around $100 per year. The site uses Google Maps APIs, which have a cost to them. Because of the volume of API requests, there is a monthly fee from Google that has ranged between about $40 to about $90.

Revenue from the site is practically zero. However, you could work out any number of ways to generate revenue (e.g., banner ads, sponsors, soliciting donations, pay to feature your range), should you want to do so.

There have been seasons in which I've done some of those and it more than paid for itself. However, that was when I was hosting Google Ads on the site, and after a couple years Google shut that down. They never told me why, exactly, but after 2 appeals just sent me the same boilerplate. I'm suspicious that it is because the site inherently promotes the shooting sports which may be a topic that the policy makers at Google forbid. I don't know. The result is that an otherwise reliable way to offset the direct costs isn't available. Maybe it would be an option for you…
Why am I open to selling?
The recent introduction of fees from Google have put a damper on it as a hobby.

The site has been a curious side project for many years that has grown into something. I've been fond of it, but I started it when single, and now have a family and a demanding job.

It is now costing me personally to pay Google to generate the maps, and at this stage of life I don't have the time to build on the project as I would like.
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