How do you choose a race?
Hi! I'm back with a few more questions on how you choose a race, and what support systems you have along the way! Please answer the short questions, refer a friend for double the entries for FREE SHOES, and thank you in advance for your input.
Are you looking for a running race to participate in? *
What are the three (3) most important things to you in choosing a race? *
Let's talk about the LOCATION of the next race you are planning for: Where you do look to run?
Are you willing to travel to your race?
Let's talk about the DISTANCE of the next race you are planning for: How far are you looking to run?
Let's talk about the TIME OF YEAR of the next race you are planning for: What time of year do you do look to run?
If a speed is key, what are your speed goals?
Let's talk TERRAIN: up/down/around?
Let's talk RACE EXPERIENCE: what are you looking for in a race?
Let's talk RACE SIZE: for this next planned race, what size of race are you looking for?
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